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Expressions of Initial Rotations

The Flying Seed
The 81 Seeds of Creation

Seeds are markers along the path, the interwoven path of existence. Through these markers, understanding and experience open to each layer of existence. Different aspects of creation are expressed within the different layers of existence. Certain forms of creation may only exist within a certain layer. These 81 seeds are the markers which are the openings into the vast regions. These are the gates through which energy and matter may enter effortlessly, passing from layer to layer of existence.  The seeds are the notes of the Great Teacher, Thoth, each seed is a site of a gate, a marker for those seeking to journey through the Realms of Creation.

The Great Teacher

Seeds are markers. What are markers?

Markers are sign posts, signals which make the location known. When one arrives at a marker, one slows down to have a look at the surrounding area. It is an area of interest. A site of interest. Without the marker, one may well zoom past the location, traveling at a great speed, only aiming to reach the goal. One may not take notice of the qualities of the region one is passing through, though this region may have very significant features, one may well not take notice.

The Flying Seed Spin Diagram
Wheels of Genesis/Cosmic Spheres

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