The Spin Keys
Diagrams of the Seeds

The precious seeds roll out. It is a tumbling out, a transformation from the Source to the expressions. One value of spin rolls out into the next through the values of attention and relationship. The qualities emerge out of the relationship of spin and the gaps connecting the spin values. Values of spin and gaps. These simple ingredients produce the vast display of creation. It is very beautiful. 

The diagram begins on the top with the "Initial", the "Realm"  value. This value identifies the world, the realm through which the seed emerges.


Once the Initial value is identified, the Spin Key values emerge. In our Flying Seed diagrams, the first Spin Key value is located directly beneath the Initial value and this is the first to unfold out of the realm. Elements of the past may be seen from this first Spin Key value and this exerts an influence on the overall nature of the seed qualities. 

The second spin emerges out of the first and is located on the lower left of the Spin Key diagram. This value is connected with present elements, and the spin relationship sheds light on the present.

The third spin key is located on the lower right and through this value, the future may be glimpsed. The Seed elements emerge in this sequence: Initial (Realm), 1st value (Spin Key), 2nd value (Spin Key) and 3rd value (Spin Key).

We will gain understanding of each placement and the knowledge which is available through the relationships. Each of the values offers specific influence, each exerts its own force in structuring the material existence. 


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