Primary Wheel of Genesis


Astral Relations
The energies which bind space.
  • Prepares for great action

  • Strengthens will, perseverance, 

  • Restores stability, protection, digestion

This Wheel is a great Cosmic Attractor of financial prosperity. Under the direction and guidance of this Wheel, the individual is given Divine instructions from the Octaves of Light. It provides a path for the expression of dynamic energy and enables the individual to carry forward into the external realm the activities of the Higher Octaves. Great responsibility is entrusted to an individual through this Wheel. Enthusiasm, inner strength and vitality are qualities associated with this Wheel. It opens the gate to a heightened level of existence. This Wheel balances selfishness and the desire for personal recognition.

Gaining Support from this Seed
  • Business
  • Management 
  • Luxury Trades
  • Fine Arts
  • Entrepreneur
  • Journalism
  • Fashion Design
  • Theater
  • Education
  • Marvelous Imagination

Basic Seed Character

Full Rays


Full Rays


  • Promotes self-reliance & individuality

  • Embracing of personal mission with zeal

  • Focuses behavior, gives direction

Full Rays


Full Rays


Dark Blue


Events & Activities Gaining Support from this Seed
  • Actions for the lands and waters

  • Competition

  • Forgiving the opposition

  • Activities associated with lands and waters

  • Destructive activities (building demolition, cutting trees, etc.)

  • Avoid starting journey or lending money

Well begun is half done!


Self-centered, Limited trust, Intolerant, Researcher, Injured on an emotional layer.


The Seeker, Researcher, Inward focus of attention, Emotionally guarded, Analytic, Perceptive, Aware, Meditative, Scholarly, Elegant


The Aware, Just opinions, Vision of the layers, Dimensional knowledge, Material Success

Dark Blue


  • Lifts veil of ignorance & promotes understanding, friendliness, love

  • Lightens responsibilities

  • Harmonizes head disease discomfort

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