Release Through Element
Release through fire, through air, through water and through earth. Cosmic substance embraces.

This Wheel promotes great silence, harmony, and meditation. It restores the balance of self-worth and service to others. It allows freedom from the past, encouraging complete attention to that which exists in the present moment. It heightens the abilities for perception and alertness, allowing the individual to receive universal impressions. This provides the space for one to listen to the voice of the Divine within. This Wheel offers tremendous courage and endurance and balances attachments to unfruitful goals. It brings balance to all of the divergent forces of human existence and encourages the growth of the soul.

Light Violet


Primary Wheel of Genesis

Light Violet




Light Violet


Events & Activities Gaining Support from this Seed
  • Journeys

  • Wedding

  • Construction

  • Ceremonies

  • Starting a business

  • Shopping

  • Arranging furniture

  • Education/teaching

  • Remedies for healing

Gaining Support from this Seed
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Entrepreneur
  • Arts and Design
  • Technology
  • Management

Basic Seed Character

Light Violet


  • Immense regenerative abilities

  • Harmonizes emotions & energies

  • Balances confrontations & difficulties

Light Violet


  • Enlivens emotions & tenderness

  • Brings Higher Octave energy

  • Purifies need of personal gratification



  • Individual as an instrument of the light for Higher Octaves

  • Prepares individual for highest achievements in human form

  • Courage, strength, devotion, protection

Well begun is half done!


Overbearing, Attachment to physical matter and form, Committed to raise the physical form. Responsible and dedicated.  Firmly fixed beliefs.


Clever, Multi-talented, Perceptive, Analytical, Layers of life change in the direction of Balance.


Strong leader, a guiding light, A powerful force, Success in large endeavors, Capable of transforming physical matter into its highest form.

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