First Rays


Primary Wheel of Genesis


Union by Way of Truth
All things are born of the One. All things return to the One.
Gaining Support from this Seed
  • Leadership, Authority
  • Technical Professions
  • Engineering
  • Restoration
  • Building 
  • Design Architecture
  • Teacher
  • Travel
  • Arts, Design
  • Horticulture

This Wheel brings the energy and illumination from the Higher Octaves.  It opens the connection between the individual and the Higher Octaves of Light, Energy and Motion. It opens and establishes a column through which flows the energy and assistance from the Higher Octaves. This Wheel can also help with balancing cravings, passions, and violence.

Events & Activities Gaining Support from this Seed
  • Aquatic activities

  • Weddings

  • Ceremonies, gatherings

  • Competition

  • Warfare

  • Avoid journeys

  • Avoid lending money

Basic Seed Character

Light Violet


  • Enlivens emotions & tenderness

  • Brings Higher Octave energy

  • Purifies need of personal gratification

Light Violet


  • Great silence, harmony, meditation

  • Balances self-worth & service

  • Courage, endurance, growth of soul

Light Violet


Light Violet


Light Violet


Well begun is half done!


Overbearing, Attachment to physical matter and form, Committed to raise the physical form. Responsible and dedicated.  Firmly fixed beliefs.


Idealistic, Charismatic, Problem solving skills, An organizer, Capable of long hours of work. Methodical, Structured, Stubborn. Regeneration of the physical layers. Overcomes obstacles.


Strong leader, a guiding light, A powerful force, Success in large endeavors, Capable of transforming physical matter into its highest form.

Light Violet


  • Immense regenerative abilities

  • Harmonizes emotions & energies

  • Balances confrontations & difficulties

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