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Waxing, Full and Waning. These forms represent the Spins of Creation. From these forms, all creation emerges. Waxing, Full and Waning—these forms are the expressions of the Energies of Creation. They are the essential building blocks, the essence of the Spins of Initial Rotations. The Waxing, Full and Waning may be physically represented by the Moon Wings.


With an intent, the individual will "let go" of the Flying Seed Moon Wings. Let go. It is a process, a simple process. The intent is held, then it is let go. Physically, we let go the set of Flying Seed Moon Wings. The Moon Wings are a set. Each set represents the Forms of Creation, the Spins of Creation. There is Waxing Spin. There is Waning Spin. There is Full Spin. Full Spin is Full. All values of Full. Fullness of Fullness. Fullness of Emptiness. All forms of Full.


Opposite values are represented. Opposite values of light and dark. Inside and outside. Within, without. The Waxing moon wing represents the value of Progress Spin. The Waning Moon Wing represents the value of Transformation Spin. The Full value represents the Full Spin and also the nil Spin. Full and Nil. This is the Spin of Regeneration.


The Moon Wings are held in the hand. The desire is held in the heart. The hands release the Moon Wings, the heart releases the desire. In this way, Creating is achieved. The process is achieved on the physical layer of existence. The Moon Wing set will produce a result. The first Moon Wing result will indicate the Realm. The next result will identify the 1st key. The next  process of letting go of the Moon Wings will indicate the 2nd key and the third process will give the final value of the Spin Key.


The results are understood from the positioning of the Moon Wings. Each Moon Wing is shaped as a single Wing of the Moon. A set of two wings are held. The set is held, the desire is held. Then they are let go. Let go. The Moon Wings fly into a combination--two wings will fly into a position forming a combination. If two Moon Wings fly into the Waxing position, the result is Waxing. If two wings fly into the Waning position, the result is Waning. If one wing flies into Waxing and the other wing into Waning, the resulting Spin is Full. The selection of the Seed is like this. It is simple. The energy flows through these channels of expression.

The Universal Energy flows...

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